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Las Vegas-based Blucat Group digital media specialists, consultants, and staff have spent years in the field of graphic design and are experts at bringing your business to life online and in print.

What We Do

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Web Design & Development

Blucat Group web designers refuse to design a website that is anything other than a unique piece of art and design craftsmanship.  We understand the demand in an ever-changing world and provide optimal UX and IU services for every client. For more than 20 years, our web designers have been staying on top of the industry’s latest techniques, and implementing them into our daily routine to provide user friendly and attractive websites for our clients.

Graphic Design

Not only are we website heroes but we are also masters at pixel manipulation and creation. Our graphic designers are International trendsetters who can get your company branded with an image that is unique and memorable. We produce original designs to remain relevant and ahead of industry standards for web or print. Marketing and brand campaigns are essential in establishing the uniqueness of your business’s identity, and we’re here to help you see that through.

Printing Services

Holding years of experience in print media, working with enterprises of every scale, Blucat Group forms a top choice of customers for printing services. Get the word out about your business via our high-quality and affordable booklets and brochures printing services. We also deal in the printing of postcards, flyers, envelopes and presentation folders with supreme quality finishing.

BCG Consulting

Having a long standing history as advocates for diverse communities, BCG Consulting is well versed in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives and corporate changes and challenges.  It takes Strategic partnerships to demonstrate, communicate and address multi-cultural nuances that may be new to your scope of work or that may need a little “pick me up”.  Let BCG Consulting help you develop and design programs to engage, uplift, and impact your workforce, leadership teams, communities and ensure the success, expansion and resiliency of your business.

Why Choose Blucat

Blucat is a human centered, globally recognized, multi-cultural company that understands Web design as an international artform that speaks to and emotionally connects people. Blucat’s expert team of specialists hold themselves to high standards in the global arena, and so we strive for guaranteed satisfaction with every project, anywhere and everywhere your company targets. The level of integrity that we are known for, in everything that we do, is the reason why all our clients depend on us for any of their web and graphic needs.

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